Tuesday, November 14, 2006


When I was trying to focus the camera for this shot, just felt for a while, if I could have a house besides this river. A little sturdy than the one in the next picture

By River Side

Peeking Through

Saw this view when walking through my Grandpa's estate. The trees are teak and the creepers pepper. Just a ideal setting for this beautiful Photograph


This is the most easiest Photograph I shot. Stood on my balcony, all settings on auto, adjusted the zoom a bit and viola, 3 minutes later this picture was my desktop wallpaper.

Low Down

Had to really get low to capture these ferns from ground level...But I loved the Photograph

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blossom's Of the Rock

I was surprised to see these flowering plant grow from the Black boulders. They definelty deserved a picture

Natures Table

Misty Falls

The place was so foggy and the light so poor , that I had to keep my camera settings on the night mode. Fortunately found a patch in the drifting fog to capture this Photograph

The Telegraph Pole

Dew Drops

This way to Eden

They say keep ur eyes wide open when driving, and I photographed this beauty when doing just that. I got the Impression that this road might lead to paradise.