Monday, July 09, 2007


How to achieve this effect? The Idea is to keep the Shutter open for as long as possible (2 sec in this case). Well that means the photograph may get overexposed. To over come overexposure, use the lowest ISO available (here it is 80) use the smallest aperture or largest f number.Next is wait for the light to fade out or look for streams under shade. Also look for spots were the water breaks over rocks. I could not do that here.

Moss On Wall

This is a Macro photograph of Moss on the wall, you can see the edges of the picture are blurred out. I noticed it happens when u zoom the camera with the macro mode on. Here it adds the beauty by blurring the background.


Tasty Guava on a wet Rainy Day. The light was fading and I had to decrease the shutter speed, but being high up on the tree, the zoom was at its max. So getting a steady shot was tough. Balanced the camera on a Flat stone and used some twigs to get the elevation. (I sorely missed my Tripod)

Saturday, July 07, 2007


This Pic was taken on Macro mode and manual exposure. White balance cloudy.